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Why Germans Bet on Football and the English Love the Horses 

A Guide to Localizing Your iGaming Business and Pushing into New Markets

Translation Royale is a content specialist providing high-quality translations, content and marketing services to the iGaming industry.

The brief... was to create an e-book that would increase brand awareness and attract new business.

The content... was a guide to localizing your iGaming business and pushing into new markets.

The tone of voice... was instructive yet accessible.

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"See how top-notch iGaming operators and affiliate websites attract new international audiences.


The world of iGaming is now bigger than ever – but while our connected planet presents great business opportunities, successful expansion takes a little cultural expertise to get right. Cue the subtle art of localization….


With a special focus on iGaming, this comprehensive introduction takes you through the critical points when it comes to pushing into new territories and understanding how globalization really works.  Beginning with that initial impulse to extend your reach, it moves all the way through to the successful implementation of a tailored service with nuanced content.


In this book you’ll discover:

  • Why it is important to localize your content

  • The difference between linguistic and cultural localization

  • Find out how your content affects conversion rates


Using an accessible blend of statistics, anecdotes and case studies the result is an engaging walk-through full of valuable insights into E-commerce, casino translation, iGaming and the fast-paced world of international sports betting."

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