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Specialist beer worth around £32 000 has been stolen from a warehouse in Billericay, Essex.
BrewDog Stolen Beers.jpg

The robbery took place in the early of hours of December 29th and is thought to be the work of a criminal gang.


The property was taken from a storage facility of Ales By Mail, a mail order company that deals with specialist beers. The load consisted of 16 000 bottles of beer available only online or from particular wholesalers.

All the beers stolen were those of the Scottish brewery BrewDog and included some of their very new prototype beers: Brixton Porter, Hobo Pop and Interstellar.

Inspector Mark Rayner said: “All the boxes and bottles regardless of flavour or type have BrewDog labels on them so would be easily identifiable. We want to hear from anyone who has been offered these beers for sale….”

Ilovegoodbeer magazine  06/01/2014

£32K of Beer Stolen in Essex
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