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Rutland County Garden Furniture are suppliers of premium, hand-crafted garden furniture and accessories.

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The English country garden is renowned for its charm and beauty, but few of us make full use of our own gardens and really get the best out of them.

Today’s gardens should be thought of as an extension of the home and with our range of top quality wooden garden furniture it’s easy to create a beautiful space in any garden, no matter the size. The Finch Planter Seat for instance is a very eye-catching piece with planters at either end that are large enough for small trees of your choice.

If you’re the sort of person that loves to cook and eat outdoors then the Braunston Picnic Table might be more up your street. The redwood timber is highly durable and looks beautiful, making this neat unit a great focal point for a patio.

Somewhat smaller but no less charming, the Tinwell Game Top Picnic Table is perfect for children and great value. The same redwood timber is used for the table itself, whilst the special top surface is a polycarbonate sheet that is ideal for games and even the odd mud pie!

Whatever your taste, wooden garden furniture is a great choice as it offers a timeless style that connects the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly. With its natural feel it produces a highly pleasing aesthetic.

Most of all, the thing to remember is that your garden is your space and reflects your personality, so it’s always worth investing the time and effort to make it beautiful.

Published Oct 2017

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