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Am I One of Life's Baddies?

A most appealing crew, I must confess.

Do you ever side with the “wrong side” in a film? I do it all the time. Here are just a few examples – the gung-ho soldiers in Small Soldiers, the humans in Avatar, the boss in Quadrophenia, the corrupt police in Serpico, Sgt. Barnes in Platoon, the rival chap in Titanic (from whom DiCaprio steals Kate Winslet), and even, to some extent, the grouchy version of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day from before he’s transformed and enlightened by the magical process.

Curious, isn’t it? I became aware of the full extent of this the other day when I was talking to a friend. And then I wondered… what on earth does this say about me? Am I stupid or something? Why do I apparently get the wrong end of the stick with all these films?

No, I realised – I’m not stupid, it’s a question of outlook. I’m evidently just in disagreement with the underlying worldview implied by these flicks.


But then… does that make me one of life’s baddies?


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