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Telly Picks and Massive Pr*cks

Struggling with “The Netflix Effect”? Watch outside the box with these unusual recommendations….

"Oi, oi, ten-inch saveloy!"

What to watch…? What to watch…? What to watch…? If you’re currently suffering from an embarrassment of tele-visual riches, aka “The Netflix Effect” or “decision fatigue”, then I have a few recommendations for you this week. Having been under the weather with Covid recently and virtually house-bound, these have provided me with some food for thought and a wee bit of spice – highly valuable if, like me, you can no longer taste any actual food.

The first is a Channel 4 programme called “My Massive C*ck”. If you haven’t heard the buzz about this one yet, then I can tell you that it’s… well… a fairly amusing way to spend three quarters of an hour. It’s a documentary of sorts, giving you a playful peak into the lives of men with very large penises. A simple premise; but it turns out that having a massive member is not all it’s cracked up to be. Going beyond the sniggering and the substantial gawp-factor, this programme actually proves quite insightful. We meet a host of men who reveal that having an extremely large phallus can in fact be a nightmare. Far from a blessing or a sign of great virility, a ten-incher can make everyday life an embarrassing struggle. One chap said that he didn’t get offered a job once because the interviewer misconstrued the bulge that was showing through his suit trousers as an erection. …Not quite what companies mean when they ask for someone who is “hard working” and “passionate about the job”. Another bloke explained that going to a public swimming pool was virtually impossible because of the bulge; he had to swim alone, outdoors in a cold and obscure lake. We later see him taking a trip to a fancy doctor to look into the possibility of getting penis reduction surgery – the complete opposite of what most men pop along to Harley Street for. Challenging various myths and assumptions – from the stereotype that all black men are particularly well-endowed, to the notion that a super schlong is what women crave in a man – this programme is well worth a watch. It’s on All 4 here for another couple of weeks.

On a somewhat different note, but perhaps even more intriguing, is a simple YouTube video from GQ – “10 Things Matthew Perry Can’t Live Without”. On the surface, this is just another episode in GQ’s “essential items” interview series – not necessarily anything to write home about. But as Perry guides us through his selection, things take a very strange turn indeed....

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