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Top 10 Weird Bottle Openers

When all that stands between you and your favourite refreshing beverage is a stubborn, sharp toothed cap, help can be found in some unexpected places. We count down the top ten novelty bottle openers . . .
Broken Teeth.jpg

#10 Teeth

Drastic times call for drastic measures, but this certainly isn’t something we condone! Check out this unfortunate victim of a beer cap related mishap.

# 9 Credit Card

This doesn’t mean paying some schmuck to open your beer for you. The nifty credit card sized opener fits snugly into the card slot of any wallet or purse and is a truly convenient tool.
Credit Card Beer Opener.jpg
Baseball Cap Opener.jpg

#8 Baseball Cap

When you’re next struggling to open your beer, just use your head! Set into the peak, this opener will be with you wherever you go . . . so long as you’re wearing your cap.

#7 Cufflinks

You’ll quite literally be looking sharp with these bad boys. Blinging away really will pay when it comes to lunchtime in the office and it’s time to crack open the bevies (. . . we jest!)
Cufflinks Beer Opener.jpg
Top 10 Openers

#6 Bikini

A despicable piece of design from an unsavoury mind. The less said about this saucy bottle opener the better. . .
bikini beer opener.jpg

#5 Ring

Till death do us part! This ring is a symbol of everlasting love for the only brew you’ll ever need.
Ring Opener.jpg
TV Remote Opener.jpg

#4 TV Remote

Tune in, open up and veg out! You’ll never need to get up again with this beer opener set into a TV remote.

#3 Flip-Flops

Now we’re into the top three and it’s time to get serious. Never mind the ring, we’ve found a real soul mate with this one. These flip-flops actually have a beer opener set into the sole.
Flip-flop Opener.jpg
Dog Collar Beer Opener.jpg

#2 Dog Collar

Coming in second, this tool just goes to show that a dog really is Man’s best friend. The opener attaches to Rex’s collar and is on the end of an extendible cord.  You’d be barking mad not to love it!

#1 Helicopter

The top spot goes to . . . a helicopter.  This isn’t some naff little toy but an actual helicopter. In China, they compete to open bottles of beer with openers specially attached to the skid (that’s the metal bar underneath a helicopter).
Helicopter Beer Opener.jpg

I Love Good Beer Mag - Dec 2013

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