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Too Hot to Function? Beat the Heat with a Panama Hat

"No way, no way... panama-naa"

Bucket? Snapback? Panama? This isn’t a secret code. These are all types of hat – types of hat that a man can choose between when the summer comes a-knocking. If you’re anything like me, you’ll steer clear of the bucket hat as it makes your face look fat. And you’ll steer clear of the snapback, along with other variations of the baseball cap, such as the trucker with the incongruous meshy section – they all just feel a touch too American for a man of traditional tastes. This leaves you with the third option: the panama.

I know I may sound like a man who talks a good hat game; but the truth is that I’ve only just discovered the charms of a panama. In fact, I’ve only just discovered the charms of hats full stop. Up until this year I didn’t ever wear them. Believe me, I wanted to! It’s just that I could never find one that fitted. I don’t mean that literally – my head is of perfectly ordinary proportions. I mean that I couldn’t find one that fitted my character.

Read the complete article at Menswear Style, an online men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine and one of the leading digital publications in the UK.

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