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Top 10 Beer Christmas Trees

Continuing the Christmas spirit, we’ve scouted around to find ten of the world’s best Christmas trees. Of course, being a beer magazine, beer had to be involved somewhere. So, each tree is either constructed of, or heavily features, beer! You’ll see . . .
Fridge Tree.jpg

#10 Fridge Tree

This pristine fridge provided a rather unusual canvas for an artist just brimming over with the spirit of Christmas. A wonder to behold we’re sure you’ll agree.

# 9 Box Tree

This one’s made ingeniously from nothing but an old box of beer. Origami has rarely been put to such a good use. It’s even crowned with a twinkling star!
Box Tree.jpg
Random Bottle Tree.jpg

#8 Surreal Tree

If you’re feeling in a generous, Christmassy mood you might well describe this creation as surreal.  Who needs baubles eh?

#7 Nestling Bottles Tree

Here we have a real delight of a Christmas tree. Never mind candy canes, this needley number is packed full of all our favourite beers. Perfect…
Nestling Bottles Tree.JPG
Keg Tree.JPG

#6 "Roll out the barrels" tree

Is it a tree or a horrific industrial accident? You don’t need to decide, just affix a broad grin and walk on by.

#5 Amateur Tree

We applaud the amateur ethos here at I Love Good Beer.  Take one cardboard box, a few empty bottles, nonchalantly traipse some fairy lights along the floor and set it all before a lurid yellow wall . . . Bellissimo!

#4 TV Remote

Tune in, open up and veg out! You’ll never need to get up again with this beer opener set into a TV remote.
Amateur Tree.jpg
Cans in Tree.jpg

#4 Deadly Tree

This tree looks like it’s been pulled through a hedge backwards, in a good way. It’s so spectacular that it has been issued with a severe warning . . . something about death.

#3 White Christmas Tree

Here we behold a festive miracle: classic Egyptian design meets the white Christmas Bing Crosby has been dreaming of all these years.
Tree in snow.jpg

#1 Beijing Bottle Tree

The top spot goes to... China, of all places. Have you ever seen such a tree? In Beijing the bottles just keep on coming! The whole thing is topped off with a cunningly red version of the classic star.
Beijing Tree.jpg
Top 10 Xmas Trees

#2 Beautiful Bottles

This tree has ranked highly because, quite simply, it's pretty as a picture. (Note the interesting use of a stick-on bow!)
Top-down Bottle Tree.jpg

I Love Good Beer Mag - Dec 2013

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